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I wanted to thank you all, for they have become members of my FC. is really great for me, I'm happy that so many appreciate Seika.grazie from my heart.

:bulletred:Name: Seika Kaminari Yokai
:bulletred:Age: 12/13 pre-shippuden 16/17 shippuden
:bulletred:Birthday: January 19th (capricorn)
:bulletred:Height: 1, 55 Pre-shippuden 163,3/165,8 cm shippuden
:bulletred:Weight:39 kg pre-shippuden 55 kg shippuden
:bulletred:Blood Type: 0-
:bulletred: Personality: closed person, serious, determined, courageous, caring, stubborn, impulsive,Very jealous and possessive. :XD:
:bulletred:She love: Sasuke, Kira, Raikura, her team, Kurasenko (her spirit guide), her adoptive mother and grandmother (the owner of the circus) the nature, mythology, play her Koto, training with her swords Rakuen and Jigoku .
:bulletred:She hate: falsehood, hypocrisy, who takes issue with the weakest, those who mistreat people, narcissistic people who think they are the best, The girls with a guy's obsessive and stupid like Ino or Karin(mostly hate the ones that make the thread to Sasuke XD ), Orochimaru, Kabuto, the old Konoha, the coward, cowardice.
:bulletred:Chakra: Thunder and Wind
:bulletred:Family : Tsuki Shinseina Yokai (Seika's mother)  Chūi Yasei no Yokai (Seika's Father,Seishi Doku Yokai (OlderBrother)
:bulletred:Kami protector: Susanoo
:bulletred:Pact animal: black wolf called Kurasenko
:bulletred:Force: 4/5
:bulletred:Speed: 3/5
:bulletred:Taijutsu: 2/5
:bulletred:Genjutsu: 3/5
:bulletred:Ninjutsu: 4/5
:bulletblue:Weaknesses: Hyuuga clan, has little chance of winning, the Hyuuga clan opponents chakra earth type, is weak against the monks, which block the spiritual and demonic powers.

:star:Technique, of Yamata no Orochi's eight heads (Orochi no fukkatsu) (c) :iconsoulofpersephone:
-behind the back of Seika, peep the eight heads of Yamata no Orochi
Call up Makai (Makai no yobidashi) (c) :iconsoulofpersephone:
Seika started playing the Koto, and its melody recalls Makai demons and spirits, this technique is the most dangerous demons drain the chakra of Seika, Seika if the attacks are a sign of the demons drain the life energy of ' opponent, stopping the drain Seika's Chakra
:star:13 Reds Dragons's dance (Jū san aka ryū no mai). (c) :iconsoulofpersephone:
as the 13 strings of the koto, Seika evokes Dragons of chakra repeatedly striking the enemy, trapping them.
:star:Bond of Souls (Tamashī no ketsugō) (c) :iconsoulofpersephone:
Seika is joined to her spirit guide and becomes half demon.

:star:Technical support along with Uchiha
:star:Kushinada's Embrace (Kushinada o ukeireru) (c) :iconsoulofpersephone:
Yokai,  evokes Kushinada's spirit the lady that Susanoo, saved by Orochi, this technique is only one medium, the spirit, isn't big as Susanoo, takes him in a hug and provides care and protection,who evokes the Susanoo. (Seika can use it with Sasuke) the technical problem that eats the chakra of the evocation.

:star:TECHNICAL prohibited Izanagi's Tears (Izanagi no namida)

"Exchange Hell (Kōkan jigoku) (c) :iconsoulofpersephone: and :iconkircorn:
Yokai's warriors turned into demons, give their all'Uchiha Chakra, enhanced by the aid of a demon, which is called by the same Yokai. The demon-Hari-Onago a haired woman who is transformed into the sharp-pointed, the demon moved chakras and life energy in the body of Kira
Seika's voice is Maaya Sakamoto (Lightning Farron from Final Fantasy XIII)
My name is Seika Kaminari Yokai my clan, was born by the grace of the three main Kami, we provide a service to them, and they rewarded us with powers: draw from Makai demons, having an animal spirit that accompanies us throughout life, for Our classes, has a different value for our shamans are faithful pet and its prevention for the venerable messengers for Kami (the lead gifts from the clan) for the warriors, my class are two transformations, is transformed into a spirit animal itself, the other being merged with him to become a half demon [link] finally there is the real class that plays more or less all roles.In return for these gifts the Kami, Susanoo, Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi require only faith, and spread their word and also the protection of devils tails. Before my clan was destroyed by Orochimaru , we were in perfect harmony with a particular clan, the Uchiha clan, they could control the demons below and tails, and we could resist their powerful sharingan also through them could see, too. The first queen of our clan was Sen Ryu Yokai [link] lived out in time of Hashirama and Madara was a great help to Konoha until he decided to follow Madara for love. She died to save during the fight with Hashirama. Konoha exiled us from that day, we hated .. as still unfortunately. But no matter. After our queen died, Aoi Arashi Brother of Sen, Took command of the clan, but the kami Unfortunately mourning the death of Sen, They Would not help the clan as before. The clan was still haunted by the Leaf Village, but did not want to fight Aoi, just wanted protteggere the clan, I know he moved from the birthplace of the first clan will move to a place far, However, on the edge of the village of the leaf. only in the back of a dragon Could reach the place. In fact, since then the clan for generations, lived undisturbed, carrying out the task of Protecting the demons.
Aoi merges after death his spirit to swords, to be close to that will bring downward Yokai. in this case in the future will be my swords..

With the disappointment of Kami that grew weaker in their turn. Years later my family reinvigorate the clan, but unfortunately there were disagreements in our clan, which Orochimaru  destroy us, to ensure that the seals, however weak, we applied the demons vanished, but especially if we were dying, demons tails became easier to capture, Orochimaru used the will dell'Akatsuki. never forget that day, my clan destroyed, lost my brother, though I feel that is alive, lost my whole family .. my clan was all for me, and was at that moment, which Orochimaru, forces put abdomen.. I have the scar to remind me that my destiny was to kill him, but he expected only when would become stronger, to find and use my powers, I could not be she who would rebuild the clan, and she who had the power to take the reins at all demons, (but I still was not ready yet ). I left them on the ground in front of the mangled bodies of my parents, and me dying on the ground. I was rescued by a human, belonged to a troupe of circus, I cared, and I took her daughter's strange because it belonged to Konoha, offered her help me in shows, to thank her. It was then that I knew Sasuke Uchiha, became friends, we were both marked by the loss of the Clan, however, the desire for revenge divided us, and was at that moment that I gave half my tag after this, our paths diverged, I'm trying to merge them but still.
But do not stop one, I found Kiriko[link] and Kuronue[link] and Hanakage, we are still the Team Tusk's art. I'm in Konoha  along with Naruto, I'm trying to find Sasuke.
Seika Kaminari Yokai
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i love all *_*


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